Think of the Amazonians, those fierce, fearless, beautiful women who defend their own and only take validation from themselves. Think of the Dora Milaje, the ancient tribe of female warriors, made of steel and sheer dynamite. Think of all the women that have inspired you, helped you, befriended you, and loved you. Think of yourself. Your fine ass, exemplary, extraordinary self. Those thoughts are all the reasons and proof that Ariana Grande’s second hit release from her upcoming album, the much talked about ‘God Is a Woman’ is a monument for all time.

Grande has long since established her footing on the pop scene with hit singles such as One Last Time, Problem and Side to Side.  Sweetener however, is a separate story entirely. No Tears Left to Cry was released to whet our appetites and what a statement it was. Already a megahit, the sequel (and our current obsession) is enough to view Ariana Grande in an absolutely new light.

She’s made an iconic statement, at the top of her lungs in her beautiful falsetto, dropped the mic and left us gawking at what just hit us. The reaction from the majority is one of surprise, awe and gratitude. Religious people in the crowd (and egoistic men, probably) are quick to denounce the song as heresy. In obvious dismay at the cojonas on Ariana, they shout that God couldn’t possibly be a woman and even try to provide ‘proof’. No worries, they are drowned out by the resounding applause and screams of ‘Hallelujah’ from the rest of us.

Also notable is Grande’s flourishing romance with her incredibly supportive beau, Pete Davidson, host on popular comedy show Saturday Night Live.  Recently engaged and so in love, the adorable duo consistently showers each other with affection and support. Could this be the reason behind Grande’s renewed gusto and off-the charts feminine aura? Whatever it is, Ariana is sure getting healthy doses of it and we staunchly approve.

‘God is a Woman’ is bold, effusive and strongly themed. Juxtaposing controversial ideas on sex, religion, feminism and power, her powerful voice gives life to her lyrics, emphasizing her message, daring you to believe. She fearlessly endorses female dominance, equating sexual communion with worship. Complete with a choral backup, the hypnotic melody of the track gives it a heady, purposeful rhythm, transporting you instantly to Grande’s mystical world of feminine power and liberation. The video takes it a step further with provocative visuals that will stay etched in your memory until that opportune moment when you need to marshal your inner goddess. With several biblical, religious and mythical references, Ariana crafts inspiring images complete with art recreations and not-so-subtle innuendos. The entire work is a masterpiece.

Grande herself has further promoted the ideas and themes in the song, assuring us with her campaign that this is a passionate and heartfelt venture for her and not merely another studio release. She said that her entire Sweetener album was intended to be a soothing relief after the unfortunate event of the Manchester terror attack on her concert last year and the formidable singer seems to be achieving her aims. She dedicated a clip of the video to her followers with a tweet saying “to my fellow goddesses who work their asses off every day to ‘break the glass ceiling’ (a pun from the video where Ariana threatens judgment on those who try to thwart her), this is for you. I respect you and am endlessly inspired by you. Pls continue to fuck it up, to be yourself unapologetically & always know how celebrated you are. Hope this can be ya anthem”. Now, how’s that for morale!

The track is said to be a family favorite and especially loved and approved by Grande’s 92 year-old grandmother, Nonnaand Joan Grande, Ariana’s mum, also tweeted a message soon after the track’s release- “Women rule the universe, we ensure mankind’s furtherance… we have earned and deserve respect, gratitude and equality… and YET we fight for it STILL everyday… this song is an anthem. It should provide strength and power”. The energy around this song is incredible as all things authentic are, inspiring and lifting, it could not have come at a more impactful, more poignant time in the history of our revolution. It will indeed linger long after it is done.

See more Shots from the video and watch below.

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