Authority of the day: Natalia Oreiro

Today, 19 May, the superstar of Latin-American series Natalia Oreiro is celebrating 40th birthday.

Blanck Digital is proud to present a collection of the most popular actress’ quotes and found out why is she so inspiring.

Natalia is patriotic

“As audience, we love foreign movies. However, it often deprives us an opportunity to explore our own culture.”

“Montevideo [the capital of Uruguay and Oreiro’s birthplace] is a very quiet place, but for me it is the most beautiful place. I was frequently launching kites and meeting friends there. Also, I was comming back in this city every time when I missed it.”

Natalia is in happy relationship for over 15 years

“The most important thing, in my opinion, is to keep choosing each other every day and be together not because you are obliged, but because you cannot stand without each other. Also, value the freedom and be patient to each other.”

“Ricardo [husband] is always helping me. He became an amazing daddy! He was taking our sun to the kinder garden, bringing him back home and knew all his teachers.”

“Obviously we had crisis in our relationship. We have even broken up when I was pregnant. When people are together for such a long time, they experience both good and bad times. But if both of them love each other, then they can deal with any crisis. I am absolutely lucky with my husband, he is amazing, tender and loves me very much.”

“In modern world everyone has one ‘own’ person. If we keep gifting our time to people who are unable to respond to our feelings, we will risk to miss out the person destined for us.”

“We are not only wife and husband, but also friends. He is proud of my achievements and supports me more than anyone else. It is very important for me. Despite the fact that I look very confident, I am quite naïve and panic person. We differ in some things; in others we are similar. He has already found himself and I am just in the process.”

Natalia is ‘made by herself’

“I neither believe in criticism, nor in praise—I know my own limits myself.”

“I remember my nomadic childhood—our family was moving quite often; Therefore, I was changing schools every year. I hardly had any friends, I simply did not have enough time for it. On the other hand, this kind of life taught me to adopt to different people.”

“I grew up in the middle class family, but we have also had hard times. My family did not have money, when my father stopped working. At that time, I did not have any brand new clothes or toys. I started my career at 12, when I was shot for the first time in the advertising campaign. At the age of 16, I decided to move from my hometown in Uruguay to Argentina, where the film industry was more developed. My parents supported me and let me go.”

Natalia is very good looking

“I feel like I do not have that skin, that body, that much energy, which I had ten years ago. However, I became more experienced as woman or actress.”

“Obviously, I do not look like 20-year-old anymore, I have got wrinkles and my skin became less elastic. But I do not pretend to look as a young girl. Getting older is natural. I am really surprised when someone is saying: “Oh, look, she got older!” How she supposed to avoid it? Or how you can avoid it?”

“I never enjoyed sunbathing, I always carry with me a cream with maximum protection. Marks show up on my face from bright light or sun, even the light from computer is extremely harmful for me.”

“It is very disappointing to see how stereotypes force thousand hundreds of women to choose plastic surgery to remove their special features and became similar to one other.”

With credit to interviews from HELLO!, Glamour, Efe and 7Days

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