Habiba DaSilva, Youtuber, Blogger and  beauty and fashion influencer released her fourth collection ‘The Primary Collection’ on 4th January, 2019. Known for her minimalistic vibe, her previous collections ELMNT, SKIN, SKIN II also had a foundational yet simplistic feel. The ELMNT collection could not be more to the roots as it expresses and resonates with the four basic elements of the earth (i.e. Water, Earth, Air and Fire) with Fashion. The UK based Covered Fashion influencer named the new Collection to which she named after three characteristics important to humanity i.e. Honor, Devotion, and Strength identified by Blue, Red and Yellow primary colors.

Journeying back to her background and the beginning of the creation of colors, Habiba expresses her excitement about the new collection. For her, this collection is a celebration of both humanity and her Brazilian heritage.

She describes it as ‘personal’ and meaning a lot to her because it celebrates her background, root and ultimately humanity. In her campaign video, the Brazilian beauty declared 20% of the sales of The Primary Collection will be donated to the only mosque in Rio. Mesquita da Luz is a small mosque in Rio, Brazil and will be the recipient of this charitable deed as the mosque is in need of a lot of  care, maintenance & support.

Encouraged by all the positive feedback from her SKIN II collection, DaSilva has brought back the much loved material from the collection so that buyers can enjoy the same beautiful, luxurious non-slip scarf in the primary collection

“We are journeying to the beginning of colour, the three primary colours are what make all of the other colours known to us, they are the building blocks to colour. This is why we have chosen to name them after three characteristics which are so important for us as humans; Devotion, Honour & Strength.” – Habiba DaSilva.

The collection comprises of three Hijabs in the three primary colors;

Blue – Honor

Red – Devotion

Yellow – Strength

All Images via, Instagram/habibadasilva and Instagram/lifelongpercussion

You can get your hand on your favorite piece from the collection here 

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