Beyonce’ Pays Homage Toni Braxton & Flo Jo For Halloween

Leave it to Beyonce’ to destroy Halloween costuming leaving you wanting for more. This time around she took it the usual musical front then straight to the fields. paying massive homage to of the most influential and inspiring voice on and off the pitch- Flo Jo and Toni Braxton. Beyoncé and Jay Z are good at it,  consistently turning heads with their creative union. This Halloween they did it for the culture and black excellence by celebrating black heroes who inspired conversations  that transcended fashion.

Having successfully used their  costumes in the past  to call back to memorable moments in black history, replicating looks from the likes of Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America   and Salt-N-Pepa;  this year, Beyoncé created two Halloween looks, starting with “Phoni Braxton,” a tribute to ’90s R&B icon Toni Braxton and the brilliant covers of Braxton’s self-titled 1993 debut album and its breakout single, “Another Sad Love Song.”

Topping the icing on the cake, the  Beyonce debuts another costume with Jay Z, and there they paid homage to famous black athletes Florence Griffith Joyner and  Tommie Smith.
Recreating the distinctive look FloJo wore during the 1988 Olympic trials, when she set her world record for the 100–meter dash wearing a multi coloured  Unitard, Beyonce personified the unrivalled queen of Olympic track and field, Florence Griffith–Joyner. A three-time gold medallist at the 1988 Olympics, Griffith–Joyner, a.k.a. Flo Jo, set world records for the 100– and 200–meter dash that are still standing today. Flo Jo retired after her record-smashing 1988 season and died unexpectedly in 1998 at the age of 38 due to epilepsy.

Joining in, her husband Jay–Z finished off the track-and-field theme homage paying  by dressing up as more  as a member of the 1968 US men’s track and field Olympic team, which won two medals in the 200–meter dash, with sprinters Tommie Smith taking gold and John Carlos taking bronze. While standing on the podium during the medal ceremony, both men raised their fists in a black power salute that famously sparked outrage and ostracized them from the Olympics community. Like everything in fashion, one must always look back to move forward- Bey & Jay totally get it.


Florence Griffith Joyner.


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