Zaron is a leading global cosmetics brand for the woman of colour, based in Nigeria. The brand provides an assortment of beauty products carefully formulated to suit diverse women of colour (WOC) living under different environmental conditions.

The cosmetics brand was envisioned in Leeds, United Kingdom in 2010, and launched into the beauty market in September 2011, since then, Zaron has consistently delivered quality and value to consumers with over a thousand distributors through franchises established in over 30 different locations both in Nigeria and across Africa.

The Blanck Team paid the brand a visit at its Ikoyi location in Lagos, and had a warm chat with Zaron’s General Manager/Lead Makeup artist, Mary Jane Ohubu.

The conversation kicks off with Zaron’s latest collection, the XOXO collection – targeted at the younger audience, pre-teen and teenagers; also referred to as an Introduction to makeup. The XOXO is the first of its kind in the Zaron family. The collection includes 1 translucent powder, 3 shades of sculpt whiz (a brow product), 3 Nude lip paints, 4 sheer glosses and 1 Mascara.

The conversation moves to questions about the Nigerian makeup industry, and its year round focus on brighter shades, irrespective of the season – To this, Mary Jane says

It is a Nigerian thing. We are very vibrant as a people, even for skin work and skin care you find out that we always want to look brighter. Our traditional attires are colourful. It works best for us, we are happy people, we like happy colours, we like a burst of colours. That’s what forms us as Nigerians.

She maintains that shades still do well, naming the ‘Posh Lip stain’ (a dark purple shade) by the brand as her current favourite lipstick.

In a concentrated industry like the Makeup industry, Zaron sets itself apart as a brand that has defined its niche and mastered it perfectly. Zaron is specific to the woman of colour, staying true to tones. The brand ensures that its users are a part of the development process, continuously carrying out tests and improving the products through feedback gotten, to determine what works and what does not.

“We test on us here. I am the guinea pig, we all are. In order to make sure it works here, we test on Awolowo road – that’s how close to home we bring it. We consider our weather, climate, skin type, and allergies during production as well as meeting the demands of consumers.”

Aware that some parents do not support makeup on their teen children, the brand has a strategy for making the XOXO range acceptable to the Nigerian Market – The products are ‘safe’, in a way that the target audience will not lose their identity as preteens or teens. The colours and shades are natural looking and will keep them looking fresh and young, while allowing them explore their makeup.

The brand has also just released an Eye shadow palette called Smudged. It is a 9-colour eye shadow palette with browns and dark shades – perfect for fall. Swatches of the palette prove that the palette is very pigmented and no doubt interesting to create a lot of fun looks with.

After the interview, it was an interesting time as Blanck Team members got the chance to sit in makeup chairs and chit chat with the Zaron staff as they got their faces done.

It was an amazing experience for the Blanck Team, and they even left with goodie bags.

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