Welcome to 2019! As you finish off your resolutions and file them away or paste them up, you may want to add these useful fashion resolutions to the list to ensure that you put your most fashionable foot forward this New Year. While 2018 brought more than its fair share of memorable hits, they were a few misses too.  The challenge is to play it forward this year, becoming more bold and confident as you try out new things as well as knowing where exactly to show more restraint in your fashion life. Fashion promises to be an absolute trip this year, it’s best to be in the right position for it to be a jolly good ride.


Style It Up.



Sales, discounts and more shopping are all great especially now that irresistible offers are showing up every day but odds are, you do not really need half of the stuff you spend money on.  Invest more in your overall appearance than in your favorite cloth items.  Switch it up with accessories, recycled styles, and personal pieces to give the quirk and character that is uniquely you. Spend less, style more.



Ditch the Denim.

This was bound to come up after the last point. Denim is the most common thing in everyone’s wardrobe and while we cannot possibly ever give up that much comfort and uncertainty in our fashion lives, we owe it to ourselves to change the status quo once in a while. It’s time to create new memories and stop playing it so safe. Try trousers and pants in varying styles and patterns, skirts and so on. Denim designer pieces will serve from time to time as some are going to be simply irresistible in the coming season, so that’s understandable. However, venturing out of denim comfort this year just may bring out the fashionista in you.



Support Sustainable, Ethical Brands.

We are all guilty of buying fast fashion, but if there’s one resolution we want to keep in 2019, it’s buying our fashion items from more sustainable and ethical brands. It’s us playing our role in shaping fashion’s future. So many fashion brands have taken giant strides in an upward direction to create a cleaner, healthier fashion environment for us. We recommend doing proper research and being more informed about available and more sustainable fashion options to make smarter fashion decisions this year.



Change your Boundaries.


When next you go shopping, opt for shade or a print you have never gone for. Even if it’s just a new lipstick shade or a bold print, taking baby steps will help you push your boundaries and expand your wardrobe. 2019 will really push the boundaries of inclusivity as seen by brands like FentyBeauty and FashionNova.  You will never know what works until you try it.  Experimenting will stir up your wardrobe and bring an edge to your new, chic side and who knows, you may be pleasantly surprised.


Own a Bodysuit.


Bodysuits can be a real bother when you have to relieve yourself but the converts already know it’s totally worth it.  Bodysuits can absolutely transform an outfit, giving it that sleek, put-together allure. Plus, they work with all body types and can be switched up or down for trendy day looks as well as party outfits. Bodysuits can also be anything from casual to sexy. It’s a must-have for 2019!



Ditch The Trend.

This golden rule is never old. Make it your watchword and you won’t go wrong because even in 2019 when fashion will be less stringent, trends in vogue can still mislead you into thinking you want an item that really doesn’t suit you or your personality. Trust yourself, own the items that resonate with you; trendy or not and keep it original.



Have the most fashionable year ever! Happy 2019!!

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