The month of January can be really stressful. Between looking your best at work and managing your expenses after the holidays, you may find that you are wearing your finances thin in trying to keep up with the Joneses.  These ten basic tips will help you transform your seemingly meager wardrobe into one you’re more confident about. Spending money is already a certified hazard when it comes to being fashionable. However, these tips will help you strategize and organize to make any of your spendings go a long way.

Set a budget. First, take a look at your income and decide how much you can realistically dedicate to investing in your wardrobe. Also, try to stick to the budget as much as you can. Your creative juices will flow better if you’re more focused on reinventing than replacing.




Take care of yourself. Perfect your hair and beauty regimen. After all, your body is the canvas for your wardrobe. Take care of your skin and you will look fabulous without having to try hard.


Beauty regimen by @goop.


Take the time to picture how you want to look. Begin with the end in mind and imagine that you have your monthly budget to spend on clothes. Ignore trends if you have to and decide what your style is before you go shopping. Make sure to shop for quality as much as you can. Even on a budget, keep your eyes wide open for quality pieces that you can afford.

Palettes by @goop.


Get all your clothes tailored to fit. You can make a N4000 skirt from Jumia look better than a N100,000 designer skirt with a few quick stitches. Simpler garments are often easier and cheaper for your tailor to fix.




Get a sturdy handbag. Invest a part of your budget in a quality handbag. Shop for a handbag with a classic design and neutral color, like a small leather shoulder bag for casual outings and a top handle shoulder bag for work. Keep your bags looking new by using glass cleaners to clean patent leather and unscented body lotion on all other leather. You can keep structured bags in shape by stuffing them with old papers before storing them.




Wear clothes that look good on you. Buy clothes that work for your body type. Only wear what looks good on you. Clothes that fit your body type just flatter you better. Mix trendy pieces and classics and you’ll always look classier and more elegant than an entire wardrobe of fashion-magazine items.




Always wear lipstick. Lipstick makes you look polished on any budget and you don’t need to be a master makeup artist to use it. Grab your lipstick on your way out and you’ll spice up any look.





Don’t wear shabby clothes. This is common sense, but it’s still worth a mention. Remove stains from your clothes ASAP. If you see a stain and you can’t get it out yourself, immediately take it to a dry cleaner to see what they can do. If it can’t be saved give it out. Also, pay attention to small details like loose threads and tiny rips. If you can see it, then someone else will. Deal with them immediately. Seriously, a stitch in time saves nine. Always try to look your best no matter the occasion.




Do Some Needlework. Ready for a DIY project? If you are, cut off the basic plastic buttons on your clothes and replace them with classier buttons. Use metal or cowries, bones, mother of pearl or whatever you figure. You can buy buttons from craft stores offline and online. You could also use buttons from clothes you don’t wear. And it’s okay if you don’t like DIY projects, you can always ask your tailor or dry-cleaner to help you fix the buttons on for a small cost. Have a kit on the ready always for alterations and DIY fashion.



Sometimes Simple is Better. Effortless but expensive is a look not many people can pull off. The simple truth is that with flawless hair, makeup, skin and a few statement pieces, you can opt for simpler fashion pieces that will serve as a classy but unobtrusive background for your style.


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