On this year’s Mental Health Awareness Day, Blanck magazine presents a special art inspired edition as it joins millions of people around the globe in creating more awareness. With alarmingly increasing statistics, the scourge of Mental Disorders and Illnesses has plagued our world. The battle against this invisible villain gets harder to fight when society turns against its own, discrimination and stereotypes set in and we lose the capacity to heal and be healed.

World Mental Health Day (10 October) is a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma. Twenty-six years after this notable annual event was enacted, many people around the globe are yet to come to terms with the harsh realities of this affliction. Mental Illness does not respect age, gender, race or class and it represents one more danger that we all have to conquer, together. More than ever, today is a day to reach out, show love and remind everyone else that they are not alone in their struggles.

Compiled in this phenomenal issue are messages to inform, strengthen and inspire and we have high expectations that it serves to renew your hope and helps you take hold of the world’s boundless opportunities. Also inside this issue are brilliant articles by British Film maker Sheila Nortley (@sheilanortley) and Blanck editorial writer Aby Odusola (@Abysays). A repeat editorial feature titled Scream by Ada Ebhomielen (@adaafrizon) and a fantastic Art-editorial ‘Parlour Girls’ by San Francisco based artist Regina Buryak (@regina_buryak_art). Cover Concept & Story: Franka Chiedu (@fasindi . Follow link in @BlanckDigital ‘s bio or link HERE to read full issue for FREE and please pass on the message. Someone you know may be in danger. Please spread the word. Cover Artwork by Osaze Amadasun @osaze_amadasun and Graphics design by Yoma Ahweyevu. Sheila Nortley was Photographed by Mc Media London (@Mcmlondon), Makeup by Khadija Rahman (#khadijarahman) and Styling by Dulce by Safiyya @dulcebysafiya. Visit for more.
Be a friend. Be a hero. Spread Love.

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