Fast fashion retailer Fashion Nova has since taken over the millennial market with their affordable and trendy fashion pieces. With a thoroughly extensive product line and constant item updates, the brand is one of the biggest fashion trends on Instagram in recent times. Celebrity influencers such as Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, Nicki Minaj, Dasha Polanco, LaLa Anthony, and loads of others constitute their very impressive cast of influencer marketers but chief among them is Cardi B. Long before Cardi’s hit tracks and long trail of successes, she has been a staunch supporter of the Fashion Nova brand, promoting their pieces with every opportunity and platform available to her. The rapper constantly raves about the affordability, fit and stylishness of these products as well as their continued mutual support before she rose to stardom, saying that Fashion Nova was lending her clothes to wear, way before other brands ever were. Their organic growth as respective brands was inevitable as people can really see that Fashion Nova is a real part of her life, and not just another publicity stunt. Together, Fashion Nova and Cardi B have enormously influenced fast fashion and affordable style.


Currently, Cardi B is the star of the moment. Her first album, Invasion of Privacy, already went platinum before her break earlier in the year. The rapper has since returned from childbirth with one of the fastest bounce backs ever with a hit single, succcessful collaborations, a new, soon-to-be-released music video and now- a collaboration with Fashion Nova to release her own clothing collection. Released on Thursday, February 15th, the Cardi B Collection was reportedly an instant success, pulling over $10 million in only three hours. The rapper shared on social media that some of the items from her line would be restocked just in time for Black Friday, and other pieces will be back on the site over the next few weeks.

“I could buy designer but this Fashion Nova fit all that ass,” Cardi raps on her hit track ‘She Bad’.  What is more interesting to some is how she could afford high-end clothing but instead opt for basic retail clothes, even if they’re really affordable. Cardi B always calls out her scruples and she may not always be nice but can be counted on for that honest-to-goodness ‘real’ talk with all the sass and cussing that she’s come to be known for. She’s lent her voice to bring down everything that she deems unacceptable including issues on politics and music industry squabbles and has developed quite a reputation for being the girl-next-door. With Fashion Nova, her activism is no different as she stresses the point that Fashion Nova unlike most high-end brands caters to women of color, accentuating their voluptuous beauty or “bitches with ass like me” as she puts it. All her spirited relatability continually pays off as Fashion Nova is the fourth most sought after fashion brand in the United States, beating off other luxury fashion houses on the list.

Fashion Nova certainly lives up to the hype that Cardi B and others attribute to it which is certainly why it will be successful for a long while; their prices are more than reasonable, as less as half of other fashion retailers on a similar item, they make it a point to support young and emerging talent and their product list is just every Insta-girl’s fashion dream complete with a broad range so that one girl does not go out and sees another girl dressed exactly like her.

“The girls who rock our styles are adventurous, inspirational and badass. A Nova Star is always the best dressed girl in the room. Her confidence is what truly shines, but her Fashion Nova outfit adds that extra sparkle. We strive to provide awesome service, unbeatable prices and the hottest trends.”- Fashion Nova.

Fashion Nova seems to have the right idea about online fashion retail and we’re totally here for it.

See some looks from the Collection below:



All images culled from Fashion Nova,  Cardi B(Instagram).

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