Ciara: New Pregnancy Shots and An Interesting Interview With Bazaar

My award for the coolest pregnant celebrity would be a choice between Ciara and Beyoncé by for the sake of this feature I hand it to Ciara. Revealing the news about an upcoming album, Ciara talks to Bazaar about her pregnancy, her quarterback husband Wilson and her love for family. Talking about how Wilson supports and cheerleeds her, she says

“If people aren’t lifting you up, even if you’re the strongest person in the world, eventually it does chip away at you. You don’t even realize that you’re losing yourself. And that’s the scariest place to be in life… I don’t want to lose myself. I love myself too much. I love life too much.”

Styled in mostly white, denim pants and black. Her husband and son were also featured in the editorial still and video shoot  video by Tim Milgram; Photographs by Dani Brubaker; Hair by Cesar Ramirez; Makeup by Yolonda Frederick; Styling by William Graper; Styling Assistants Isaiah Teofilo, Laura Cooper, Riley Boice.

Dishing more on allowing her self be vulnerable she continues “Today, she’s come to realize that being vulnerable is a form of strength. “Once you’re able to really be truly truthful with yourself, it’s life changing,” she says. “You have way more compassion than you imagine, you’re sensitive to the right things.” Ciara learned the strength in vulnerability, she tells me, through the birth of her first son. Baby Future taught her patience, “above all.” Read more about here

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