As more fashion trends are taking shape in the current fashion season, vintage fashion is undoubtedly considered a no-brainer. From the runway to designer showcases and fashion retail stores, we can all agree that vintage never really left. The 90’s era in particular however, seems to be the pick of the season. We took nostalgic trips during fashion week with the likes of Jeremy Scott. More recently, Laquan Smith partnered with Asos to release a retail collection featuring amazing pieces inspired by the 90’s glam and with a modern sleek appearance. Rihanna is making pencil-thin eyebrows cool again and Urban Outfitters is selling Caboodles vintage makeup cases in the same pastel colors. The 90’s is most certainly reminiscent of colors, fun and an assortment of odds and ends, so it’s hardly a surprise that the era is fashion’s current muse.

Delia*s’ return is the latest event to seal this trend and we’re totally thrilled to get in the 90’s funk again. Delia*s stole the heart of every young teenage girl with its periodic lookbooks which were an absolute delight back in the days of no internet.  In fact, those much-craved fashion catalogues have become something of a relic or collector’s item, with each one costing hundreds of dollars on eBay today.  Now in an interesting turn of pleasing events, the vintage brand has returned after a four-year silence with full digital access and revamped modern pieces to keep them trendy and fashionable. Even better, the brand will be putting out the same signature pieces that stole hearts once upon a summer- butterfly clips and appliqués, graphic tees, flared jeans, floral skater dresses, rainbow-patched denims, spaghetti-strap tank tops and so on. You could simply go right back to being 16 with a future as colorful and bright as your favorite dress!

Left:Delia*s 1995, Right:Delia*s 2018

Online fashion retailer Dolls Kill have announced that they would be collaborating with Delia*s to bring back the happy days. Also, they are more concerned about making it very relevant to today’s fashion- 90’s fashion doesn’t have to look like an overkill or costume getup- the new collection though reminiscent of the old Delia*s is very much suitable for everyday wear. “We run into that all the time,” says Doll’s Kill designer Shaudi Lynn “If you look at our imagery, you think, ‘Oh, that’s like fashion goth.’ But we actually look at the runways. We care about how people are wearing fashion at many different levels. And what we’re bringing to all our lines, including the Delia*s line, is that you can take any one piece and wear it how you want, with whatever you want, so it fits in your own life.”

The collection is available online now.



All images culled from Delia*s and Elle

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