This year, plastics are so in! Translucent hues and clear, see-through items have been hitting the streets all through 2018 in the trendiest versions of plastics ever! Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC is an alternative to the popular leather-made bags.  Also called Vinyl, the transparent shiny fabric has been adopted for everything fashion; from clothings to shoes to bags and will blow your mind in the broad array of designs and selections that it’s been adopted for in recent times.  Clearly an all-time trend,  PVC has recurred every few years in different styles, returning this year with a creative, no-holds-barred twist; we’ve discovered that PVC will work perfectly with just about any fashion item and will probably outlast all your favorite wardrobe picks from Spring to Winter. Even better, this durable fabric is easier to maintain than most other materials, leaving your item in the pristine sheen that makes it so irresistible.

As much as other items have shown great promise, bags are definitely the popular choice for the PVC trends. Celine, Prada, Maison Margiela, Chanel, Burberry and a host of others have clearly bought in on the new streetwear fad with their amazing collections. Street style however has a life of its own and has seen the trend grow from a seasonal luxury item to an all-time style essential. PVC bags are everywhere now, and designer or not, they never fail to catch your eye.

Nigerian bag designer, JIDZ is known for bespoke, hand crafted items made with the utmost creativity and sophistication. Always experimenting with great designs, bold colors and fabric variety, the limited edition items make a statement all by themselves.  Made with intention for the woman of style, the JIDZ PVC Collection is one of a kind, providing the best options for effortless style and chic street wear. Peep items from the collection below:


“Soft Glass”- Multicoloured Handmade Leather and PVC Tote Bag using traditional techniques that involve a minimalistic use of machinery.

Dimensions: 17″Length x 13″Height x 5″Width


 “Soft Glass” is an artistic  representation regarding the strength of a woman. She has her highs and her lows (“zig zag”); She is faced with many challenges (multicloured leather);  yet she is expected to or able to stay strong, happy and beautiful while she carries on with life, forgetting that the more she pretends to herself, the more we see through her (PVC).

The signature Emblem “Twin  Quadrangular  Stars” also convey a significance: Lines  start  off  at respective points, but do not  seem to stop  at  an expected  end. Look  closely: two  four-cornered  stars are  being  formed-  a smaller inner star and  a larger outer star. As you  sail  through  this  journey  of life  defining  your  purpose, smoothness is not  always a constant. Sometimes,  you move  in circles.  You realize  you  sometimes might have to change routes, creating  patterns  that  can  be interpreted as  either  positive or  negative. It  all depends  on  how you  look  at it.  At the end of the day,  your faith, your  belief,  your guardian  angel,  your  God  etc  (Larger Outer  Star) has  guided  you  (Smaller  Inner Star) in  all  your journey.

Each bag is unique as pieces were put together from excesses from their production line. What a clever way to recycle!


All items are currently available for purchase. 10% of proceeds will go to charities supporting women.

Contact information:

Phone: +234 (0) 909 993 3004
Facebook: @jidzlimitededitions



All images by JIDZ.

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