As you wish upon a shooting star at the stroke of midnight, here are 12 things to remember as we head off to the New Year. On this New Year’s Eve, Champagne wishes and caviar dreams are all fine but it’s practical to remember that the “summery” days are still a ways off- only the right attitude will earn us a better 2019. It is our hope that you stay fashionably healthy, wealthy, beautiful and happy throughout the coming year. These useful one-liners as curated from 2019’s horoscope readings will hopefully help you find a balance as well as give wings to your hopes and dreams for the New Year.


Be Optimistic. You should already feel optimistic about the new opportunities in the year ahead. Optimism and positivity set the groundwork for you to be brave, willing to take risks and work your butt off to make your dreams come true.

Closure. Gift yourself the peace that closure brings from all the blessings and lessons that 2018 brought. Stepping into the New Year on a clean slate will help you to see fresh experiences, and give you the confidence, security, and courage to make things happen.

Stay True to your Commitments. Make them few, but make them count. Friends, family, relationships bring spice to your days when chosen wisely. Release your fears of intimacy and cultivate better relationships.

Love Yourself. Loving others always requires a healthy dose of self-love first. Knowing and loving yourself is the first step to finding and receiving love from others or a special other.

Broaden your Horizons. Expand your thinking and knowledge. Do more and follow-through.

Be Authentic. Rise above people-pleasing and perfection. Be honest and true always.

Get organized. We know life is what happens when you’re busy making plans but it is prudent to be at least half-prepared in any impromptu scenario.

Improve your health & wellness. While hitting the gym or adjusting your diet is great, wellness should be focused just as much as on your mindfulness, communication with others and overall mental wellbeing.

Evaluate your financial wealth and values. Being true and disciplined with yourself as regards your finances is the ultimate determinant of the rest of your year. Make plans, adjustments and set goals.

Cherish the Familiar. Recognize and appreciate the people and things that keep you going, that motivate you and help make your life better. Keep them close for more chances to manifest a desirable life.

Be Proactive. Let go of anything that’s holding you back from being your best self. Always pause to do a candid reassessment of yourself.

Radiate good vibes. Keep it real and avoid self-sabotaging behavior. Good vibes attract the right crowd. Attract first, then shine together.




Wishing you a fabulous 2019 ahead and the best New Year’s Eve soirée ever!




Photo Credits: Thought Catalog, Nora Schlesinger

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