Haute Couture Gets the Tiffany Haddish Treatment for W Mag Cover.

She tells her tale of comedy, failure, rising to the top and that off-white Alexander McQueen dress she’s won to three different and important occasions.

The indisputable star of the ’Girls Trip’ blockbuster movie has since the jaw gapping performance go on to do break new grounds – appearing on Saturday Night Live and paying homage to her Eritrean heritage at the Oscars. And in the course of this has developed a new affair with fashion, one of which will be rewearing the same Alexander McQueen dress for 3 public appearances; something she’s cracked her fans up with talking about it and even inspired her young followers as a result. Trying out different Haute dresses for the cover shoot of W Mag, she transforms into a brilliant superstar fashion model.

Read a short excerpt from her feature below and finish the story here. 

  In February, Tiffany Haddish, the undisputed star of Girls Trip, a raunchy yet sweet story of female friendship, was leaving an office building in Los Angeles when a guard in the lobby spotted her. “Yo, Tiffany,” he called out. “Please marry me! I love you!” ­Haddish, who was dressed in jeans, a tight sweater, and her favorite Gucci fur-lined slides embroidered with her initials, turned around and faced him. “Okay,” she said in her unique Southern–by–way–of–South Central L.A. drawl. “What is your credit score?” The guard looked confused. “I can see that you don’t know what I am talking about,” Haddish continued, as her small posse of five longtime friends who work as her assistants, hairdresser, makeup artist, and stylist, looked on. “I am not interested in a man who does not know his credit rating!” Haddish looked the guard up and down. “You may be fine,” she said approvingly, “but I’m looking for someone Who. Can. Offer. Me. Security!” With that, she left the building, off with her entourage to a comedy club in Temecula, where she would be performing that night. The guard just stared: He had been Haddished.

More or less, this has been Haddish’s life since Girls Trip, which came out last July, and broke box office records in 2017. Although the film featured Queen ­Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith, Haddish stole practically every scene: She was beautiful but willing to look ridiculous; crass, but sensitive; bold, but kind. In perhaps her most striking scene, Haddish demonstrated how to pleasure a man using a grapefruit. She was the crazy, loud, and loyal friend America dreamed of having. ”

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