Equality is for everyone and this is why it’s important that International Men’s Day should be recognized and observed. The feminism movement advocates a level of change that goes two ways; empowering the women and educating the men. The point is, one group cannot be overlooked or we find ourselves in the same limiting circles. On this International Men’s Day, there’s an increasing awareness to re-orientate the man and improve our interactions so that our society caters just as effectively to each gender. This year, the theme for IMD is positive male role models.

‘Of Androgyny in Africa.’ Editorial by Blanck Magazine

According to the alarming statistics as curated by The Telegraph, attention has been drawn to the rapid increase in suicide rates and mental health decline in a growing number of the male population. Other issues of concern include underperformance of boys in schools, support for male victims of sexual harassment, support for male victims of domestic violence and support plans for estranged fathers. The marginalized male groups; men of colour, LGBT+ men, and other subgroups too have voiced their concerns about being heard and the battles they still face in trying to lead normal lives.

Campaign against HIV/AIDS by Bisi Alimi, LGBTQ activist.

There has been some talk inciting against the need for observance of this day, claiming that men are the crux of women’s problems and therefore do not need more attention. This argument which has since been squashed in social media conversations is a sign that the larger society is still steeped in the constraining conventions that propagate these problems. To be fair, tackling issues of feminism and sexism, if addressed properly, mean progress for both sexes or at least, it should. Steering the conversation towards mutually beneficial actions is the way forward. Toxic masculinity is a detriment to both men and women and the goal is for all to realize that we battle a common enemy, the more fight against the systems that damage women, we also bring down the systems that suppress men too.

The purpose of International Men’s Day is to “encourage men to teach the boys in their lives the values, character and responsibilities of being a man.” If this is being done, we can say that we have successfully balanced the quota in the makings of a better world.


Happy International Men’s Day!

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