Italian photographer Nicola Tanzini’s is set to release a new book. The book will launch at the beginning of November about the historical fish market in Tokyo- Tsukjii (Tsukiji Shijō in Japanese). It is the biggest fish market in the world, which had been in the same place since 1935 in the Tokyo downtown area of the same name – the subject matter of Nicola Tanzini’s new exhibition and book.  The market has also just been relocated after 17 years of planning and delays. The new market Toyosu replaces the 83 year old one which had become famous for its early morning tuna auctions.

Nicola Tanzini is an Italian entrepreneur and photographer. His work is inspired mostly by the movement of Humanist photography. He founded Street Diaries, an itinerant project about street photography, focusing on destinations such as London, Dublin and San Francisco, among others. Tokyo. Tsukiji is his first book.

Regarded as a sacred place by Japanese restaurateurs, Tsukiji became increasingly famous to the point of becoming one of Japan’s most visited attractions by international tourists. Most fishmongers opposed to the relocation of Toyosu owing to its 2 year delay in opening after toxic substances were found of the ground.

At the time of putting together the book and the exhibition, Tsukuji was already at risk of losing its identity due to a previously announced, and increasingly likelihood of it being forced to change its location in view of the Olympics taking place in 2020.

Tokyo Tsukiji, the exhibition, is the result of Nicola Tanzini’s work over the last two years: the photographer dedicated his time to document one of the most traditional places in Tokyo. The pictures of the book published by Contrasto are focused on the internal area of the market (jonai shijō), which became famous for its tuna auctions and and the massive attendance of wholesalers and restaurateurs. Tanzini wanted to capture a specific moment in the working day of the market: it is at the end of the morning, when that place of crossroads, chaos and excitement is slowly moving toward the quiet and tranquil place. The fish that were not sold, the worker’s tiredness and the rest after a working day are the main subjects of this story, that gives us “an unprecedented visual record of the biggest fish market in the world”. The work by Tanzini is the photographic documentary of the authenticity of the human work.

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