Jewellery trend: accessories that repeat body lines

Modern jewellery looks like fashionable tattoo: laconic and copies the lines of the human body.

Gaia Repossi Berberethe first collection is full of it. Because, the ritual decoration of the Tuareg people from Africa inspired designer.

Earrings Staple, rose gold, Repossi; earrings, gold, Anissa Kermiche

As a result, Gaia created a light version of tribal jewellery. It is also not a surprise that fashionable ladies immediately appreciated designer’s phalange rings and ornaments in several rows.

Moreover, a new trend for designer minimalist jewellery appeared, which can be worn in the afternoon and in the evening.

“I wanted to remind everyone that jewellery always had a special meaning,” said graduated master of archology Gaia Repossi. “Because, this has been forgotten in modern society.”

Earrings Chaos, gold, Jennifer Fisher; earring, gold, Maria Black; rings (left to right): Pipe, gold, Jennifer Fisher, La Ligne C, rose gold, Repossi; bangle, gold, Charlotte Chesnais
Silk top, Emilio de la Moren

Hence, in her work, designer diligently quotes the classic of social anthropology Bryan Turner, whose works she studied in the Sorbonne.

Scientist in his work “The Body and Society”, argued that in society the body is always dressed-in things, tattoos, piercings or perfumes.  Accessories also mark person’s belonging to a tribe, class or social stratum.

Ring, black and yellow gold, diamonds, Gaelle Khouri

Even Marilyn Monroe, who applied several drops of Chanel No. 5 on her skin before going to bed, was an example of dressing, not of exposure. Modern jewellery of a simple look and smart design, like tattoos, cover and thus socialise the body.

Gaia Repossi still values the idea of ​​the multi-layered meanings in the simplest accessories. And her new collection of earrings-cuffs in the form of clips absolutely proves that.

Nose ring Perle rare, white gold, diamonds, Anissa Kermiche; lip ring and earrings Pipe, gold, Jennifer Fisher

“I aimed to recreate the scar on the ear that reminds me of a ritual piercing,” said Gaia. “In my opinion, modern women also need strong jewellery.”

“In addition, ladies develop special, intimate relationships with accessories, that cannot be developed with a bag or a pair of shoes,” said Charlotte Chesney, a student of Nicolas Zheskier and the best designer of accessories for 2015, according to the main French competition ANDAM.

Earrings Elipse, gold, Sophie Bille Brahe; Rings: Toa, gold and diamonds, Alexia Jordan; black gold and diamonds

“Finally, the purpose of design experimentations was to reach the right “instinctive” form, which will maximally follow the gestures and plasticity of the body.”

Earrings Chaos, gold, Jennifer Fisher; earrings, gold, Charlotte Chesnais
Silk top, Emilio de la Moren

Photos: Turi Løvik Kirknes

Style: Victoria Wright

Hair: Adam Garland

Make-up: Lan Nguyen

Nail Art: Cherrie Snow

Model: Ayaana@premiermodels


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