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Jin Cruce inspires Women to embrace aging.

In a society as ageist as ours, it is usual to see women fret over getting advanced in age. They have a negative perception of getting older. This could be one of the reasons cosmetic surgeries and sales of anti-aging beauty products keep booming.  Having to see women naturally accepting and rocking their aging process is something one doesn’t get to see often. One of such women is Jin Cruce; a 53 year old Pharmacist who has not only accepted  the beauty of greying , but also has dedicated her time inspiring women all over the world through her  popular instagram account-   Aging With Style and Grays.

Jin, shares her account of her grey hair journey as a way to inspire and support women going through same phase and by this means, helping them embrace the transition that comes with aging. “Being older has brought me so much joy, freedom, and confidence.” She said.

Jin, who decided not to dye her greying hair despite the unwanted comments she gets sometimes, encourages women to be determined by accepting the fact that the journey won’t be easy.

“First, go ahead and accept the fact that the journey won’t be easy. You will have good days and bad days, compliments and negative comments — the sooner you accept this, the easier the transition. And know that there is so much personal growth and freedom that comes along the way.” She said.


Jin reveals her beauty routines are low maintenance. According to her, one doesn’t need to spend a fortune for healthy, glowing skin.  She believes the true key to skin care is consistency. “I haven’t used Botox or had any surgeries on my face. And I will never say never;  but as of now, I have no plans on doing either.” She said.

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