There have been alleged reports that 36-year old Empire star Jussie Smollett orchestrated his own attack. The attack which occurred in the early morning of January 29, 2019 had 2 individuals who are now suspected to be Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo, two brothers of Nigeria descent who have been revealed as known associates of Smollett.

The brothers were apprehended, and later on released based on their declaration to cooperate with the police after they were charged with battery and hate crime. The two brothers affirmed and identified as the people in the video surveillance footage. They were both released on Friday, 15th February 2019 with a report from the police stating they were no longer persons of interest and in addition claimed what they have a new lead that is helpful for the investigation.

Narrating in a recent argument with a friend on the matter, Jussie says he wishes that evidence  will be found and the truth will prove his innocence. The investigation is still ongoing in the wake of new evidence as police uncover the true details of the night of the attack. According to Jussie’s statement on January 29th, he was having a morning walk outside and was abruptly attacked by two men who hurled homophobic and racist slurs at him. Before been beaten to a pulp, he mentioned they poured an unknown substance on him. 

The home of the two brothers was searched by the Chicago police and the inventory log stated all the retrieved items including an item referred to as “Script-Empire”. This further confirms that one of the brothers appeared on the TV series in 2015 as an extra. According to the police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, clears the air by saying the report of the attack been orchestrated by the actor as inaccurate. Guglielmi stated that there is still no evidence that the attack was a hoax and that the victim will be treated as victim and not a suspect.

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