Yesterday, without much ado or the usual fanfare, pop icon and singer, Justin Bieber joined the slew of celebrities-turned-fashion designers. Very much like Kanye’s monochromatic collection designed for the second season of his Yeezy’s, Bieber’s all-beige streetwear collection officially dropped from Drew House (‘Drew’ is Bieber’s actual middle name), an ode to the singer ’s retro-style and Generation-Z inspired label. The clothes themselves comprising of tan-color corduroy hoodies, shorts, and button-downs are simple and easy to wear, representing Bieber’s signature style.


According to the label website, “Drew house is a place where you can be yourself. Blah blah blah blahsdbksjdfhl. Wear like you don’t care. Come chill. K bye.” Bieber’s sleazy, laid-back style has been recognized as more or less a fashion statement and have been imitated by his teeming fans the world over. Since last year, the singer has been seen in a number of Drew-branded goods, ranging from bright yellow hoodies to fuzzy white hotel slippers. Keeping the collection relatively low profile, he hasn’t officially announced anything, though he did file for the brand’s trademarks last year.


Apart from being named after him and thoroughly reflecting his own style and fashion tendencies, Justin’s collection strikes a really personal chord with his audience.  Sort of like an extension of his own wardrobe. While this seems a tad unserious to be taken as a fashion landmark, the collection promises to be a total hit because well, it is Justin Bieber’s. Also, Bieber doesn’t seem much too concerned with fashion’s approval; he didn’t make a fuss about it and he clearly just wants everyone to “chill”.

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The collection appears to be clearly divided into two mini-capsules. There are the plain and utilitarian burlap-colored corduroy pants, shorts, and tops, most of which are relatively unbranded—with the exception of the shorts, which have “drew” emblazoned on the crotch. The second half of the collection is a number of graphic t-shirts and hoodies, each either featuring the brand’s name or smiley face logo. The pieces range from $48 to $148 and are already available for purchase on the brand’s website.





Imagery by Drew House.

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