It is no longer a secret that the beauty industry is raking in billions annually especially since beauty brand mogul, Kylie Jenner’s net worth has been made public. The real scoop is that the rising popularity of natural, safer skincare options has been a major contributor to the beauty industry’s financial value and even Kylie knows this or she would not have opted for a make-up free look for her Vogue cover. Meghan Markle created more than enough buzz when she opted for a simple, natural look for her May wedding, launching the classic freckled finish that has been imitated everywhere since. ‘Natural’ is now available everywhere and the heavy, chemical-based products that used to be so favored are phasing out rapidly.

Natural beauty products can either be mineral based or plant-based but the most important thing is there are no chemicals such as parabens, silicones, sulfates and other such synthetic materials that are notorious for their skin damaging attributes. Natural beauty is especially favored by the young millennials who are more environmentally aware especially since the brutal effects of environmental pollution on our bodies has been called to the public’s attention. For this reason, all major beauty brands have promised to stop the use of microbeads in their production completely by the year 2020. The older generation however, are also very attracted to natural beauty choices mainly because of health reasons. Certain substances are highly prohibited to some age groups or peculiar ailments or diseases, limiting their options to a selected few. Natural skincare products are usually the go-to option in those instances because the ingredients that go into them are fool-proof and totally organic, making them the best choice for all ages, sensitivities and peculiarities. People began to grow increasingly aware of everything that goes on their bodies as well as into it. So far of all the sectors of the organic beauty industry including skincare, hair care and makeup, skincare has experienced the most upsurge with billions estimated in annual income from the sector alone. It’s been predicted that the organic beauty   trend will likely not let up anytime soon and will most certainly transform the beauty industry.

Though the Kardashians and Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line prove that the popular sort of beauty is still relevant, these brands may have to make some concessions really soon. Big brands such as Chanel, Estee Lauder, Hourglass and others  are fast ditching chemicals for natural alternatives and a few have vowed to go totally organic in a few years. Organic was a niche before now because the products were more expensive than regular ones so, what is even more surprising is the teeming welcome that new brands have received in the sector, making organic skincare mainstream. These brands have left no stone unturned in terms of packaging, content, consumer-awareness and consistency so much that consumers are happy to affiliate with them and choose them over other known brands.

Organic beauty options put the consumer in control more than ever before as some people go ahead to customize their body products or even make it themselves. It encourages people to identify and stick to the natural substances, creating a sense of belonging, of being valued and recognized and the results go deeper and are more fulfilling than the rewards of great skin. It sells itself as well because people are quick to endorse whatever appeals to them, relates to their core needs and also solves an existing problem. The Asians seem to have caught on the numerous benefits of organic living way before the rest of the world. It has been a major aspect of their culture and way of life until the Chinese gradually began introducing products in the early 2000’s and now the Korean beauty trend is a huge hit among the millennials.

Perfect in this summer season when minimal makeup is preferred, gentle on the skin, innovatively packaged and not expensive, Korean beauty products are every woman’s dream come true. Minerals, vitamins and plants formulated so expertly that some are good enough to eat; this Korean beauty trend is better experienced. Other mainstream organic brands are more popular as they appeal to all ages, are gender-fluid, naturally scented or not at all and very sensitive to certain stipulated needs. Some are strictly vegan and other mineral and vitamin-based brands insist that they are organic. The important thing is that they should be ‘clean’, free of chemicals and skin-damaging ingredients. All that is needed is for the awareness to set in, the market is so large and is still widely growing that it’s easy for any individual to find and stick to what works best. The skin is the largest body organ and should be given as much care and attention as other aspects of our wellbeing. This is a fact that has dawned on us  hence the widespread acceptance. Beautiful skin is great but overall wellbeing is priceless.

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