Modern Office – An Interesting Partnership Between Mr. Porter And Virgil Abloh

2019 is shaping up to be quite the busy year for Virgil Abloh, the founder/creative director for Off-white and artistic director for Louis Vuitton menswear. From collaborating with Louis Vuitton for SS19, to creating architectural multi-functional furniture for Swedish home ware giant, Ikea to what seems to be the biggest collaboration between Off-white and Mr Porter, Mr Abloh is already having a very exciting 2019.

The release of non-stop collaborations is not what is strange to Abloh’s schedule. With collaborations ranging from Louis Vuitton, Nike, IKEA, Cha Cha Matcha Café eco-friendly cups, all released late 2018, you can tell Mr. Virgil Abloh is one who sees fast-paced schedule as normal he hasn’t reached his peak of collaborations. In December 2018, he designed a series of re-imagined shoes for Nike and when asked how he chooses his many collaborations, he stated many are as a result of personal friendships he’s built with brands and people. Dispelling the idea that collaborations in the fashion market getting too congested and certain peak reached.

Modern Office is a work wear collection for Mr Porter which includes 20 ready to wear workwear pieces, 18 accessories, and 6 pairs of shoes. The pieces in the collection are made from wool, felt and a broad range of full-tone to washed-out colors of cotton on thick canvas. Among the major pieces are suede trimmed leather sneakers, “Class of 2013” iPhone X case, oversized logo-appliqué linen trench coat, logo-print rubber slides, and wide-cut linen pants with single arrow logo.

All Images via Mr Porter.

The collection was brought to life to appeal to younger customer eager for trendy and exclusive streetwear. Fiona Firth, buying director at Mr Porter says that although the brand is less about fast fashion and more about luxury they also wanted to let people know that they sell great work wear as well., “although we are known for luxury than fast fashion, want to put a stamp that we sell these kinds of products, and we do sell them well”. Looking forward to future collaborations with Mr. Abloh in different categories and expanding customer base, Mr. Porter may decide to become exclusive with Abloh in the future.



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