New bags collection: Etiquette from Prada

Yesterday, 20 June, Prada presented a new Etiquette bags collection. Surprisingly, the label made of embossed leather – adorns the outside of the products.

The brand’s new feature will now appear into a leather frame according to the principle of textile labels sewn on the insoles of Prada shoes.


The legendary, but emphatically modest Prada label on women’s clothing, for all its significance, has so far been exclusively intended for the owner of the product.

The brand preferred to hide it on the inside of the clothing and accessories, making it invisible for others.


For the first time in the history of the brand, the pale blue branded Prada tag is outside.

Etiquette collection design became a revolution in the historical traditions of the brand.

The collection shows an unprecedented intersection of the interior and exterior. It also emphasises the close relationship between the creative processes of creating collections of accessories and Prada clothing.

Moreover, in French, ‘etiquette’ means ‘label’. Therefore, this collection became an impersonation of the importance of unity of the internal and external for Prada.

Today, the usually hidden from someone’s eyes for so long label occupies a prominent place on the bags.

It seems that Prada believed that its details of the accessory can acquire the value of style icons long before the accessory itself will eventually become such an icon.

Abiodun Odusola

Creative Writer. Nature's Muse.

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