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The New Normals ! Willow And Jaden Smith Cover Interview Magazine


Non Conforming , Cutting-edge, Fashion Forward, Insane-still-to-be-tapped talents . There are more than a million ways to describe the younger generation of the Smiths . Jaden and Willow’s futuristic ways give us an insight into what fashion, music, movies, technology even will look like in a few years . The siblings look other-worldly in unique designs from the likes of Goshen, Capezio, Alexander Wang, DKNY, David Samuel, Menkes just to name a few, photographed by Steven Klein as they cover Interview Magazine’s September issue .

They sit to an interview with Grammy Award winning recording Artist, producer and songwriter, Pharrell, in which they discuss speaking things into existence, social media and their creative processes , The word – “famous” amongst other things .

Do these youngsters filter their social media platforms ? “Definitely! Even for people like us who have an awareness that’s slightly more awakened, it still takes over your mind. And you find yourself randomly going on your phone for no reason, randomly doing things. It becomes compulsive, and you have to start asking yourself, “Whoa, what is the real reason for me checking my Instagram every five minutes? What is the real reason for me posting this photo right now?” I never want to do things impulsively that have no meaning or intent, especially on social media” . 15-year-old Willow responds.

According to Willow and Jaden, it’s a double edged sword as regards their creativity : ” It does both at times. It hinders me when I get lost in things that other people are doing. [laughs] It helps when I can be inspired by things that other people are doing instead of just being like, “Oh, that’s cool this person is doing this.” It’s literally a robotic function, scrolling through your feed and looking at mindless junk that people post every day. There’s no thought that goes into it. There’s no productivity in that. I’m all about looking at things and analyzing things and finding the beauty in it, even if you don’t have to really analyze it. When I can see someone that’s posting the way that they’re thinking about what’s happening in the world right now or even art that they’ve created, it inspires me to do the same. It makes me turn off my phone and go paint a painting or go hike a mountain or go record a song. Those are the kind of things that social media helps me do. But it also can make me sit in my room and not do anything. “ says Willow

Jaden seems to think Willow is better than him at everything ; “We never really felt competitive because Willow’s always been better than me at everything. There’s been no competition.” he offers . “Willow started making music first. I was like, “My younger sister is, like, 4, and she’s making all these fire songs. What’s happening?” Willow was doing all these things, about to have record label deals at like the age of 6, and I was like, “I feel like I’m underachieving.” That was around the time that I was doing Karate Kid, and I could do flips, and I thought I was special because I could do flips. But Willow could do the flips, too! Willow naturally had it. Like, I was trying to do no-handed cartwheels. Willow had it. I was trying to get to the studio. Willow was in the studio. You know what I’m saying? Willow just didn’t have as big as a passion for acting as me. But if she did, she could do what I did. So there’s always been competition, but we’ve always worked as hard as possible to do the things that we want to do. We never got upset because we could always do the same thing. It happened so that me and Willow were able to go through every level or different section of life that we wanted to. If we wanted to act, we could act. If we wanted to dance, we were dancing. And we could do it on the level that we wanted to do it. So there was no, like, “I’m mad at you.” Well, we would get mad at each other when we were young, but that stopped when we were, like, 9.”  the 18-year-old continues.

“Famous” as they might be, they keep a balance between their private and public lives :  “I think we definitely do. How people look at us in public is not how we actually are in private. It’s just that we choose not to tell everyone everything. Like, okay, I’m in New York right now. I’m not posting an emoji of a plane on Instagram, like, “New York.” I don’t want anyone to know that I’m here in New York. And by the time this comes out, I won’t be. We don’t like people to really know what’s happening with us or what we’re into. The only thing that we want to keep people updated with is that we want to keep the kids that are following us, the kids that are looking up to us updated on what we’re learning and what we’re thinking about life. So that’s why we have our brand MSFTSrep, but that’s a different story. That’s where we try to fuel the youth. Like, I have a homie right now, his name is Ian. He’s from D.C. He’s a super young dude. He’s been a MSFTS fan for, like, ever. He’s been to our shows. He’s just starting to make music. And he’s out here with me right now because I got him a hotel room at the spot that I’m staying at, for him and his homies to just to, like, witness a lifestyle, see that anything’s possible. I put him here in New York City, his first time ever in New York City in his life, to be like, “Yo, this is what it’s like. Anything’s possible. Keep going.” We’re trying to inspire kids, like, “Join me and Willow. Join with the squad. And let’s really, like, change the world.” says Jaden .













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