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Michelle and Barack Obama, White House, December 1, 2016. credit: Cass Bird

With the inauguration of President-elect, Donald Trump drawing closer signifying the last days in office for the Obamas, the media has done quite a job of securing exclusives with the out-going first family . This time, People Magazine spotlights Barack And Michelle Obama for its December 2016 issue where they discuss progression of America after the elections, how 8 years in office brought knit them even more closely, last days at the white house and more .

8 Years Together In The White House Was A Blessing :

““It’s definitely brought us closer,” said First Lady Michelle Obama . “It wasn’t until the White House that we were together seven days a week, that we could have dinner together, he had time to coach the girls’ teams and go to all their events,” the first lady, 52, explains. “Yes, the job carries its stresses for sure. Nobody knows what it feels like to wake up and look at the morning paper and know that every headline, good or bad, is your responsibility. Wherever it’s happening in the world.” She adds, “There is a weightiness to that that no other person really understands.”

President Obama Addresses The Election Progress :

“This is a big, complicated country. And history doesn’t move in a straight line,” he says. “It zigs and zags, and it goes backwards and forwards. So you can never just say, ‘All right, we’re finished with that.’ The battle to be vigilant, on behalf of kindness and tolerance and fairness and equality, that’s a day-to-day thing that each of us is responsible for. That doesn’t change because of one election. It’s something that has to be tended to all the time.”

“You talk to Malia and Sasha. The idea that you’d discriminate against somebody because they had a different sexual orientation? It’s crazy to them,” Obama says.

“That generation right behind us, and I believe each successive generation, as long as we’re doing our job of being good models for it, they’re going to move this country forward in a better direction,” the president adds.

Michelle Opens Up On Donald Trump’s Victory :

“I went to bed. I don’t like to watch the political discourse; I never have,” Obama tells PEOPLE, adding of her husband, “I barely did with him.”

“Anything that I felt about the election I said and I stand by,” the first lady says now, adding of her early election night, “Once you do what you can do, then the rest is easy. It was in the hands of the American people.”

“This is our democracy, and this is how it works,” she says. “We are ready to work with the next administration and make sure they are as successful as they can be. Because that’s what’s best for this country.”

HRR DALiM Michelle and Barack Obama, White House, December 1, 2016. credit: Cass Bird

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Watch The Obamas’ Full Interview HERE

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