“Eez a relaxed sturv. I don’t want anybody to come here and tight your chest, strong your face…” goes the opening remarks in Falz’s faux accent and it’s very convincing. Laila Johnson Salami and Folarin Falana AKA Falz the Bahd Guy have teamed up on a refreshing platform that just might be our first step to redemption. Similar to the Australian TV show also called ‘On The Couch’ but differently themed, On the Couch is a concept that invites young political aspirants to a candid discussion with the hosts, with a view to  understanding their plans on the salient issues affecting the country in a totally relaxed, ‘no holds barred’ environment. Falz an accomplished rapper, already made a huge statement earlier  this year with his remake of Childish Gambino’s widely acclaimed song ‘This is America’,  a well-poised satire highlighting core issues in America’s socio-political systems. Falz’s brilliant parody, ‘This is Nigeria’ was received with mixed reactions and the consequent ban by the NBC has roused a lot of questions and probably also paved the way for him to be a voice on the platform. Laila Johnson Salami is a broadcast journalist, Nigerian Youth Ambassador and NGO founder. She is amazingly resourceful, evidently knowledgeable and earnest about the issues discussed. Together, Falz and Laila anchor the ‘On the Couch’ show and present the unified voice of inquiry of all the Nigerian youths. So far, they have done remarkably well and we’re impressed that they leave practically nothing out. More importantly, they help us to narrow our options, helping us perceive what exactly our potential capacity for change is.

Two weeks and three episodes in and- I have to prepare you-be ready for absolutely anything. The #NotTooYoungToRun bill was passed in 2016 and it advocated an age reduction for candidates running for elected positions of government in Nigeria and across the world. The campaign ignited an awakening; the country was in an appalling state and leader after leader only served to create more outrage. Many reasoned with the idea of a young president; young enough to understand that the future is digital, young enough to appropriate resources and young enough to relate effectively with the youth who have the utmost potential. Now in 2018, few months to the next elections, we have new young aspirants, a coalition party of aspirants and party defectors but are we closer to actualizing that elusive dream of a greater Nigeria?

On the Couch has provided a mirror. An ‘as it stands’ report better than we’ve ever been provided with and that is enough for us to decide for ourselves what the future will be. We’ve been appalled, humored, encouraged and pacified by the results of this appraisal. Some will fall short and others will give hope and we are left with making our own inferences and choices. In my opinion, this is closer than we’ve ever been and all we’ve ever really needed-a fair chance to make the right choice while equipped with the right information.

Catch On the Couch every weekend on YouTube.

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