Prepare your feet for the next season: the most unusual shapes of heels are coming to your local shops.

Rainy days are now left behind and it is time to complement your shoes collection with trendy summer sandals, flip flops or whatever you like, but make sure that you paid enough attention to the heels. If you are holding a weird shoe with extraordinary heels – probably it’s the most fashionable shoe of the season!

Unusual shapes

Cones, squares, triangles or even circles are not the reminders of our math lessons in school, but the best known forms of heels from Spring/Summer fashion shows of 2017.  Those heels not necessarily have to be high, designers were mostly focused to make them massive, heavy and coarse. Before, it looked like we saw all possible and impossible shapes of heels: low/high, thin/thick, straight/ slightly curved. But this summer brings us a surprising opportunity to experiment with new shapes.

Kitten heels    

From the first sight there is nothing new in the kitten heels. That kind of heel was fluctuating in fashion industry from season to season.  However, it is just a quick reminder to not forget about those comfy shoes that will be very handy soon. According to the Christian Dior, Prada and Vetements the privilege will be given to the kitten heels with opened back side of the feet. There is no doubt that kitten heels are mostly loved by fashion enthusiasts as they perfectly suit any kind of outfit, even sportswear.

Wedge-heeled shoes

New season shows were hit by wedge-heeled shoes of a different type, from metal to plastic. It looks like the famous modern designers are trying to bring Barbie shoes in the reality. So don’t be afraid of bizarre forms and unusual colour combinations.


High heels overfilled with crystals look too posh to be worn on the daily basis. However, when the amount of diamonds is limited to the heel, the shoe receives a new look. This new designers’ invention will perfectly suite both office employees and nightlife lovers. In the first case, shining heels will change your routine shirt and trousers look, in the second case, the heel will not shine less than disco ball.


Some people may be skeptical towards wooden shoes, as many years ago it was not a sign of royalty, but rather the only accessible footwear. Nowadays, things have changed. Bizarre wooden heels perfectly match kimono style dresses and shirts.

Abiodun Odusola

Creative Writer. Nature's Muse.

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