QUICK FIRE with Tosin

Also in the latest issue of Blanck Magazine, we explore some quick fire questions with the prolific and unconventional Oluwatosin Ogundadegbe- Popularly known as ‘The Style Infidel’ Nigerian stylist and fashion aficionado, Tosin, thinks the idea of ‘trend’ in itself is  a disease, will jet off to Paris in a heartbeat and loves to hang out mostly  in his living space.


What’s your favourite place to hang out

Favorite place to hang out: my living space. if I am not working, I am at home.


What do you love most about your living space?

 The Petite nature of it and its entire cool Ambience (The Serenity and Simplicity that comes with it)


How many teeth do snails have? – do not google!

No idea.  I am more De la Renta than Charles Darwin


Which shops or designs do you mostly rely on for your personal style staples

I wear a lot of Nigerian designers. But I wear a lot of pieces from designers Ama Ariol and Sense of Humor.


Which friend will you buy a Pie and a Pint for any day?

My Soulmates (Toyin. Yemi. Seun. Simbi. Tomiwa . OLayinka)


What was the last most disgusting meal you had?

As much as I can eat anything. I am also a picky eater. It was the meal from Christmas. The “Iya Alase” cooked absolute rubbish.


What are you doing now?

 Heading out to a portrait session with Kunmi Owopetu for Ubi Franklin


What was the last book you read?

How to make it big as a consultant by William Cohen


If you had a jet for a week, where will be your go to destination?

I love this question. Going to see my sister because I miss her so much. Paris for Fashion, Fantasy and Disney. Some private island to be with my Partner.


If you hand a magic wand, what style trend would you make disappear?

The idea of trend is such a disease I would go Harry Porter on.


The Blanck Quick Fire is a list of fast question and answer segment  to give us a peep into the fabulous lives of our favourite creatives. Oluwatosin Ogundadegbe (@styleinfidel) was photographed by Emmanuel Oyeleke (@emmanueloyeleke) culled from Instagram.

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