Everyone else is appalled by last weekend’s events and for good reason. Famous rap stars Cardi B and Nicki Minaj had a row at the Harper’s Bazaar Icon Party and it’s made the news all week. The popular opinion is that there are better ways to handle their scruples, if they exist. Wendy Williams, popular talk show host who is always spoiling for some gossip was aghast at their unseemly behavior. Her verdict was “As far as I’m concerned, nobody won”. Pop star Kelly Rowland also emphasized how in bad taste the whole occurrence was; “This is not the time” she stressed. With so much else happening in the world, women should stick together and find better ways to resolve their differences. Both contenders are role models and successful women in their rights and their feud reflects one of society’s stereotypical anomalies that women should compete when they can shine together. Hopefully, the exposure of such animosity will clear the path to a resolve. For Cardi B and Nicki Minaj and for all feuding women in the world.

The trope of feuding women has been a gruesome public fantasy that the womenfolk have managed to thwart successfully so far. Since the notion of women supporting women emerged, a lot of women embraced it and found more expression and productivity in working with and being mentored by other women. It’s something we’ve been proud of. Hollywood actresses Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman collaborated on their screen project “Big Little Lies” in 2017 and the tabloids got into a frenzy with speculations of a huge feud, presumably one of the biggest female feuds ever. They had a field day recreating scenarios and inferring the worst when any news of the production came across and so it was a truly beautiful moment when both women walked the red carpet together at the Gotham Awards, holding hands and taking selfies. Witherspoon, who presented a Tribute Actress Award to Kidman at the event, called her a “beautiful, talented, soulful friend” and that moment turned things around for good. It gave us one sterling example of female solidarity and the great things that happen when women come together in one strong, united front.

With immense gain comes tremendous responsibility and that’s really what being a celebrity is about. Most fans of the feuding rappers fall into the millennial category, that crucial phase when the actions of those you look up to set the precedent for your values. It is bad enough that the nature of popular rap music does not promote ideas that correspond with a laudable lifestyle. It is even worse when the message being passed across is totally antagonistic to progress. It is quite disturbing to note that not only are both women asserting themselves in their behavior, the feud has since continued with bitter accusations and even threats. Female fans have been reportedly taking sides, having internet wars of their own, getting personal over something they clearly do not understand.

It is uncertain why society takes pleasure in female feuds or “bitch fights” as they are sometimes called but it is also obvious that when women contradict one another, it breeds negativity and chaos. Generations of women before us in all walks of life have worked so hard to give us a fighting chance. Many are still fighting and some on way higher stakes than we can imagine that the least we can do is respect their dignified stance. The responsibility lies with each female, to keep her own end of the bargain and contribute her own quota. The trope is outdated and tired and we were already on our way to a resolution; let’s stay committed to learning and growing as women. Together.



  • Denise Rod
    Posted at 07:43h, 15 September Reply

    Brilliant!!! Love this

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