Singularly inspired and collated by style guru and icon Nina Garcia, the ten staples of style focuses on the basic, dependable pieces that transcend time, trends and travel. They are must-haves for every stylish individual and are at the bane of every fashion statement. These items need not be in vogue. They are the classics and so should be chosen to suit the wearer’s style and comfort.

LBD or the Little Black Dress: Elegant, timeless and famed for its slimming effect, the black dress is a woman’s best friend. Introduced by the Mme. Coco Channel in the 1920s, the black dress was predicted by Vogue to become ‘a sort of uniform for all women of taste’. Almost a century later, this trend waxes stronger than ever, interpreted in varying fabrics and fabulous designs. Obscuring everything else, the black dress also allows you shine. Your accessories, shoes, hair and makeup can each have their moment of glory and the coming together of all of these can add an air of mystery and sophistication that takes your audience’s breath away. No one can ever go wrong in a black dress.

A Great Bag: Bags are essential. You absolutely need one and if you really know your style, more than one.  A woman of style should invest in four types- 1. The Tote or Shoulder bag; comfortable and sensible for the daytime and everyday things. 2.  A Clutch; for the nighttime and minimal things. 3. A medium-sized bag with a chain-link strap; for the times in-between. 4. The Must – Have bag; Designer specials such as the Hermes Birkin or Gucci’s Jackie O Hobo bag.

Ballet Flats: Invented by ballet dancers and in circulation since the 50’s, these huggers are the soul of comfort and simplicity. Favored by the women with practical style, ballet flats offer some respite and come in handy at those few times when heels are not a good idea.  Experiment with bright, pretty colors that portray a relaxed, happy aura.

A pair of classic heeled black pumps: A pair of black pumps is choice in making a great first impression and in looking just right for any occasion. It adds an extra oomph to your outfit without making it look over-the top and not detracting from your look either. Whenever in doubt, try on the black pumps.

A classic men’s white shirt: A major part of the American pop-culture and consequently the rest of the world, the most prized fashion pick since its introduction, the white men’s shirt on the body of a woman never loses its appeal. Malleable, simple, chic and sexy, it can be worn several ways and has endured decade after decade of trends. This is one item you don’t even have to buy; you simply borrow it and never give it back!

A classic men’s wristwatch: Wristwatches were originally designed for women until men saw the practicality in wearing watches on their wrists and joined the wagon. Interestingly, women’s watches come in varying trends but the men have the more classic designs. A classic men’s wristwatch with its sturdier details make a subtle but lasting impression on a woman’s wrist. Another item to ‘borrow’ forever.

Denim: Created for durability and comfort, a pair of jeans now represents versatility and style. Denim on anything gives it a character and personality and will go with just about anything. A denim jacket, a figure-flattering pair of jeans are essentials for the woman of style.

A Trench Coat: With the design barely changing in ninety years, trench coats work in any weather and give you a stylish air of mystery. Paired correctly with big sunglasses, you could channel your inner Mata Hari or Rosenberg.

Cashmere cardigan or turtleneck: Apparently, when you try it on, you know what all the fuss is about. The credit for this timeless piece goes once again to Mme. Chanel who attempted to make the already existing sweaters more form-fitting. Perfect with everything and totally stylish, the cashmere cardigan or turtleneck speaks casual elegance and luxury. Fran Lebowitz said “I do not believe in God. I believe in cashmere”.

Diamonds: A girl’s best friend as the saying goes; the precious collectibles are always a statement, always a winner. At one time they were also, strictly for men and were the symbol of status, power and valor. Gifted to a French queen thereafter, women have clung to these precious stones for half a millennium and are not likely to break this bond anytime soon. You cannot go wrong with diamonds. Fake is fine.

With these style essentials, your personality is about to get a fat boost. Embrace a better you and do share how you’ve given these style essentials a personal twist!

Photo credit: Fancycrave (Unsplash)

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