In celebration of International Womens day, Turban Tempest released the most regal turban collection. The brand unveiled their Bridal Range which features three exquisite designs namely; Glamour Bride, Urban Bride, and Halo Bride.

Turban Tempest is a clothing brand that designs made-to-order turbans for the unique woman. Turban Tempest turbans are made using sophisticated beading, sequins, Swarovski stones, and pearls.

Each turban in the Bridal Range collection speaks volume of the style personality of the Turban Tempest woman.

Glamour Bridal Turban was designed for the ultra-glamorous bride who seeks a one-of-a-kind turban to wear on her special day. This turban was designed bearing in mind the luxury and pristine lifestyle the bride will want to go for. Available in different variations and custom-made, the Glamour Bridal turban crowns the bride with a luxury look on her special day.

Urban Bridal Turban was designed for the stylish and unconventional bride. This turban was birth forth to meet the needs of the style-obsessed urban bride. The urban bride always looks for something trendy, comfortable, and modern.

Halo Bridal Turban was designed to meet the fashion need of the ultra-fashionable bride. The Halo bride is a balance between naughty and nice, wants more subtle drama, and she is meticulously obsessed with details.


Creative Director: Funsho Oluyemi @funsho_o | Photography by Tope Adenola @tope_horpload | Make up by Anita Adetoye @anitabrows | Fashion designer @tojufoyeh

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