Vivienne Westwood In Hot Water Again For Plagiarism. Renders Apologies.


Giant Eponymous fashion brand is yet in another pool of hot water for plagiarising the graphics design works of up and coming london based designers Louise Gray and Rotting Dean Bazaar in their latest Fall 18 Collection showcased in Paris. In one of their Tees a combination of the wordings ‘We Do Big Sizes and Powerfull Human’ could be seen. Words that have originally appeared on the works of these two other designers.

In an apology posted on the brand’s official Instagram page, the brand said they used the graphics designs on their t-shirts in a bid to celebrate the works of the designers and laid the blame at the foot of a last minute frenzy for not seeking permission first or crediting the designers for their work. While some of the brand’s followers waved this incident off as a no big deal, the brand has come under fire with some calling their actions and apology lame.

It will seem that plagiarism is something the VW brand has been associated with over the years. Recall, that in 2014 Vivienne Westwood was also accused and sued for plagiarism in the book about her life which according to The Independent contained various spelling and factual errors.

The author of the 2001 book  Paul Gorman claimed that the punk fashion designer  lifted chunks of her  autobiography from his own work without attribution. The author whose book was titled  “The Look: Adventures in Rock and Pop Fashion” identified  29 instances of his own work being used without credit in Westwood’s book. Fast forward to 2018, the works of young designers have also suffered same fate with no credits whatsoever from the dame.

In 2016, A Spanish artist accused the British brand of using her work without permission. The brand quickly got hold of the artist to set things straight but it begs the bigger question- Is imitation really the greatest form of flattery or just plain robbery?

How does a giant company steal from underground artists and sell at exuberant prices with zero credits, payments or permission from the original owners of the work? Celebrating ones hard work without seeking permission or crediting them for their work is highly unacceptable but seemingly a fashion industry practice . It will appear as though- that everyone steals from everyone, it’s the person with the larger platform that often gets the attention and ultimately the credits. The giant labels steal from underground artists-the high street stores copy and paste cheaper versions from the giant brands. The people who ultimately lose out are the young upcoming creatives who clearly have to voice or might to fight.

Louise Gray And Rotting Dean Bazaar  have yet to put out any statements regarding this but we will update as soon as we know more.

In the meantime, see reactions from their followers below.

P.s : The Image of VW used does not belong to Blanck. Please contact use for appropriate crediting if it’s yours. Thank you

Franka Chiedu

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