Ugly shoes have made a big comeback this season and this time, they wouldn’t be dismissed easily. Having crept in earlier this year with the ugly dad sneakers and the Birkenstocks, Crocs have rounded off the entrée with the most interesting repertoires; we have seen the platform Crocs in great colors, the furry Crocs, the bedazzled Crocs, to name a few. Several fashion houses are revamping the idea of Crocs as being ugly and well, some of us are actually getting sucked in. Since everything seems to be changing for the better in the fashion world, how about throwing out some good old-fashioned ideas? Primarily, comfort and style do not always agree so when there’s a middle ground such as Crocs have managed to gain, a certain trend could endure. Clogs however, are having a moment and having been certified by the very hobnobs of the fashion world, it is safe to agree that a pair is all you need to walk according to the times.





Clogs have long since made a solid case for their practicality and durability. If you own a pair, you most likely have forgotten how you came about them by now. Usually handmade, they’ve been proven to be  one of the few shoes made for a smooth transition from summer to winter. The clog is something of a cultural monument having been worn since the 16th century. It propagates certain basic ideas of the actual purpose for shoes so on some level, it is not hard to understand why it holds such sentiment for some. Some designers have since capitalized on the clog’s prestige, creating well-known classics such as Dior with “Diorquake”, Rachel Comey and No. 6. The more affordable options include Swedish Hasbeens, the cult Scandi label with its classic bulbous Louise design and the very trendy Dansko.



Conscious fashion is a really attractive concept; the quirks and eccentricities of an unusual idea holds an artistic appeal that is difficult to shake off and one can assume this is what is happening with clogs right now.  The US Vogue calls clogs the “bookworm’s fashion shoe” and  respectable brands such as Alexa Chung and Miu Miu have lent consolidatory arms to support clogs as the ultimate fashion item. Alexa Chung is a part of a peculiar group of women known as “the clogerati”, a catchy word created by the writer Lauren Mechling. Mechling wrote a piece for the New Yorker titled The Life-Changing Magic of Clogs. Inspired by the response to her piece, she opened an Instagram account, @thecloglife, dedicated to sightings of this shoe. “Clogs are the right shoe for the moment – they are feminist shoes,”  “As shoes go, they’re really for women – they say, I don’t care what men think of me, and right now [fashion] is all about shifting your audience back towards [the female gaze].” Chloë Sevigny, Lena Dunham, Kim Gordon, and Michelle Williams are also members of this group.

Some other women however, are unperturbed by the resurgence of this trend; clogs are ugly. Period.  A perception that most likely will deter them membership into the hallowed clogerati but perhaps that is not as bad. Women in six-inches have done their part in changing the world as well. But maybe, Mechling and her clogerati friends have the right idea- pretty or not, the clog is comfortable in its own skin and it endures, the perfect muse for every woman in these liberating times.


Images curated by @thecloglife via Instagram.

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