Winnie Harlow Goes Strong In Grazia UK


Canadian Model, Winnie Harlow is not your usual everyday girl . Her skin pigment condition ‘Vitiligo’ did not deter her from taking her spot  . Harlow has risen to become a top model, activist and much more . With a fan-base consisting of the likes of Beyoncé , Serena Williams, Tyra Banks, Lewis Hamilton, Winnie Harlow can safely be described as a Strong woman . As reflected in the images, Winnie deals Tomboyish vibes, which could easily translate to just how strong a woman she is . In her interview with Grazia UK, the 22-year-old speaks on being bullied as a child, how she got over her skin not being “the standard”, her appearance in Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” and more .


Why She Was Chosen To Appear In ‘Lemonade’ :

‘I think we were all there because of the same thing,’ says Winnie. ‘She wanted strong women in her film. Strong black women.’

On Changing The Face Of Fashion : 

‘I’m breaking boundaries,’ she admits. ‘But I definitely don’t want to be called a role model. I’m just me. I live every day as myself. I make mistakes, I swear a lot. I’m just a young woman living my life, and if people find something in that that’s inspirational, then I’m happy.’

She’s Considered Suicide, Bullying Took A Hard Toll On Her . Here’s How She Bounced Back : 

‘The only reason I didn’t like my skin is because I was told that it wasn’t what’s right,’ she says. ‘Or I was told it wasn’t normal. But who’s to say that? Eventually I learned that my opinion of myself matters so much more than anyone else’s and I wish I’d known it earlier. One day, I just didn’t give a f**k anymore.’

She started experimenting with her look, obsessing over YouTube make-up videos to find what suited her skin. (Under-eye concealer, any foundation on the white parts of her skin and too much eyeshadow are all no-gos. Eyebrow pencils are her biggest love.) One day, her close friend Shannon asked her to pose for an assignment for her photography class. ‘She took it and was like, “You are editorial! You need to be on covers girl”‘

She’s Gotten So Much Support But Its Not Always So Positive :

‘Two years ago, I did a runway for London Fashion Week,’ she says. ‘I was backstage afterwards and this photographer was like, “Oh my god, I have the perfect picture I want to take of you.” He walked me over to this ironing board that had a cow print on it. I just looked at him like, you idiot. I turned and walked away without even giving him a response.’








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